Weight Loss Serum

Our unique weight loss formula is a pair of polypeptide base that is designed to target your fat cells through direct insertion. Our serums are safe to use and include instructional guides when you purchase. A Day serum melts your fat whilst giving you energy to do what you need to, and our Night serum melts your fat away whilst ensuring your body is having the best rest it can.

Why WE're here

You've probably seen this image before. This is plain ol' me, a young lady who's trying to make a difference in your life. Why? Because I was once DESPERATE! Now, you're probably going through what I went through - trying to lose weight and keep failing at every attempt. Eventually, we get to a point where nothing seems to work and the frustration just gets real. After weeks and weeks of trying everything else in the market that just had other side-effects, something did work for me. I found this serum, and that's when my life changed. I read up on the benefits of using amino acids as a way to lose weight and the extra health benefits that come with it blew my socks off. I started the course and felt a difference from the first day. Gradually, the results of my body's transformation blew me through the roof. During my weight-loss journey with this serum, my weight rapidly reduced and before you know it, I was off my insulin and my feminine health was at its best. After losing 40kgs and experiencing literally NO side-effects, I was over the moon and absolutely fell in love with myself again. I knew I had something to share with the world. My passion for helping others and my knowledge from all that research took me here, to this very brand that's already helped hundreds of people and will now help and support you. What are you waiting for? Shall WE Transform?

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Choose our Platinum 10-day course to lose up to 6Kgs, or the Premium 30-day course to lose up to 15Kgs.

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    ALL our kits and serums can be purchased in installments, created by our partners Payflex. Receive your order after just the first installment. PLUS we offer free delivery nationwide!

  • FREE mini e-guide

    We're giving you some hot tips to push your results even further! We're including tips on fitness, foods, and maintaining your weight.

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    All our Transformers have direct access to us, AND to the Facebook community we've recently created. You're not alone in this. We got you!

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  • Safe to Use

    Wellbeing Evolution's WE Transform Weight Loss Fat Melting Serum is naturally 98% pure amino acid serum. Offering ZERO CHEMICALS & NO SIDE EFFECTS. Targets the fat cells and does not affect muscle reduction.

    Once purchased, we will send you a complete instructional video on how to prepare and use your serum, and lots of support to help you reach your goals!

  • Health Benefits

    Steroid-free, Fights fatigue,

    Vegan friendly, Source of energy, Relieves arthritis, Immune booster, Reduces appetite, Improved REM sleep, Suitable for diabetics, Increases metabolism, Improves joint cushioning, Relieves chronic back pain, Improves cognitive function, Improves overall body strength, Improves visibility of stretchmarks, Helps maintain skin and muscle composition, Aids in follicle development for fertility in women, Anti-ageing properties rejuvenates skin and evens out skin tone, Suitable for all ages - 18 years and younger requires parental guidance, Helps to maintain, build and repair healthy tissue in the brain and other organs, Aids in speeding up healing after an injury and repairs muscle tissue after exercise.

  • Recommendations

    1. Use in conjunction with strength training routine to significantly boost muscle mass.

    2. Use in conjunction with a well balanced low fat, low carb, high protein diet to significantly boost weight loss results.

    3. Not recommended during pregnancy.

    4. Cancer Patients, contact us directly.

    Once purchased, you also receive a mini ebook on the best practises to monitor and achieve your weight loss goal.

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  • Can I use these serums if I have any underlying conditions?

    These serums are purely amino acids. It's safe to use for patients who are diabetic, have heart conditions, and immune deficiencies. We do not recommend this serum for use during pregnancy. These serums do not have any adverse reactions on over-the-counter medications however we advise you to contact us if you are on any chronic medication and we will advise accordingly.

    Please note these serums are not intended to cure any illness or health conditions, it's purely an aid to get your health back on track.

  • I'm scared of needles!

    We know, and we are here to help you. Firstly, let's understand why we recommend injections (insertion pens) - it's the best way for the serum to directly target the fat cells in your tummy, unlike conventional pills that lose some of its effects when passed through the acids in your digestive system. Rest assured, our needles are 29 gauge, it's one of the thinnest needles in the market and barely feels like a pin prick.

  • Do I need to be on a diet?

    Personally we don't like "diets". We prefer to use the term "lifestyle". As the saying goes: You are what you eat. We recommend a well-balanced eating structure which contains good carbs, good fats, and high protein. You will need to refrain from processed sugar during the course, and no alcohol. Intense cardio and Intermittent fasting is a HUGE bonusthat will significantly boost your results, but it's not compulsory. WE know the product will work even if you're not at the gym.

  • Can we place our order directly from the site?

    Absolutely, the site is well run and we receive orders in real time. Just be sure to include all your correct contact details. Once your order is placed we will contact you with instructional videos, additional information, and from time to time we throw in a gift voucher too.

  • Are the payments secure?

    We use Ozow to process your payments, these are extremely secure. We get notified on every successful payment, and so do you. Our Partner PayFlex allows you to purchase using installments.

  • When can we expect delivery?

    It takes us a maximum of 48 hours to put your kit together. From there our courier affiliates will collect from us and ship directly to your door. Overall you should expect your order within a period of 1-10 working days.

  • Your serums are unique, can we re-sell them?

    We do work with stockists who want to stock our products for re-sales, and offer great income potential as well as training. Contact us to be a part of our team.

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I tried the 10 Day We Transform course while following instructions to the best of my abilities, and was surprised that I could see results from the second day. 10 Days later and I had dropped a whopping 9kgs of weight. I was so impressed that I upgraded my course to the 30 day program and lost a further 9kgs brining by weight down from 107kgs to 89kgs. Highly recommended!

- Bishan

Is this really me? Would never have believed I could achieve such results in such a short space of time. Surekha you have made this possible, your daily encouragement and mentoring makes a huge difference in this journey. My whole life has done a 360 degree turn around my health, fitness, confidence and self belief in my body has improved beyond all my expectations. Could not be more happier or determined to reach my goal.

- Ruth

I've taken this product many times & cheated during my previous courses. This time I've been extremely disciplined and the results are already showing. I've never lost this much weight before and now I feel fabulous and so inspired. All thanks to Surekha and her motivation. Her coaching made it easier and more effective for me to feel this beauty inside me. I flow so easily, I stopped panting and lost all fatigueness. I feel like I am 25 again. Every part and pain in my body has subsided. It's given me a true transformation on the inside and I see it on the outside. I've learnt that by cheating, I was lying to myself. I listened to my inner self and took the time to make the most of this final opportunity. I've tried everything I could get my hands on considering I am 50 years old now. This experience just lit up my being and I feel like running the marathon. I hate gymning but I danced after taking the course. If you want to know if this product works, contact me and I will show you my results personally.

- Kiran

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