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Hi! I'm Surekha

At age 29 I was diagnosed with Diabetes and PCOS which caused obesity. I was miserable and lost my confidence. Being gifted with abilities to connecting to the divine, I used a combination of POWERFUL amino acid serums while working with my mental, emotional, and spiritual self. I started seeing results & dedicated myself to start Wellbeing Evolution, a family-run business. We've helped hundreds of people to improve their health, and want to continue to be an inspiration for all.

  • Bishan Soni

    Bishan's education in Biotechnology and Business Management approves innovative products to the site, and sets up all the systems to make your shopping experience efficient. He's also experienced our WE Transform courses and has achieved massive results.

  • Angel Ki'Ari AKA Kiran

    Kiran, our lightworker and healer, has an international client base of people who have struggled with mental and emotional blockages that's prevented them from moving forward in life. She offers intuitive guidance to help you so you can live your best life as your highest self. She's a true patriot to the values of Wellbeing Evolution.

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