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WE Transform 10-Day Platinum Weight Loss Serum

WE Transform 10-Day Platinum Weight Loss Serum

We Transform

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Wellbeing Evolution's WE Transform Weight Loss Fat Melting Serum is naturally 98% pure amino acid serum. Offering ZERO CHEMICALS & NO SIDE EFFECTS. Targets the fat cells and does not affect muscle reduction.

10 Day Kit offers up to 6Kgs weight loss fast and safely. There are 25 Benefits other than just weight loss. Follow our Recommendations when using the serums.


  • Your Platinum Weight Loss Kit
  • FREE delivery to your preferred address - valued at R99
  • A helpful video on preparing and administering your serum,
  • A FREE mini e-guide showing you the BEST tips on how to boost your weight-loss through active exercise and healthy eating, AND FREE support - valued at R499
  • Lifetime Access to our Facebook club and our community of other transformers, which is just PRICELESS!

Kits Include:

  • 1x vial containing Day Serum (10 uses)
  • 1x vial containing Night Serum (10 uses)
  • 20x Insertion Pens for administration
  • 1x Insertion Pen for mixing
  • 20x Alcohol Swabs
  • Sterile Water
  • Instructional video (sent via email)
  • Packaging Box

This product has not been evaluated by the Medicines Control Council. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
9Kgs Loss in 10 Days

I tried the 10 Day We Transform course while following instructions to the best of my abilities, and was surprised that I could see results from the second day. 10 Days later and I had dropped a whopping 9kgs of weight. I was so impressed that I upgraded my course to the 30 day program and can't wait to see my results. Highly recommended!

Kiran Roy
50 going on 25

I've taken this product many times & cheated during my previous courses. This time I've been extremely disciplined and the results are already showing. I've never lost this much weight before and now I feel fabulous and so inspired. All thanks to Surekha and her motivation. Her coaching made it easier and more effective for me to feel this beauty inside me. I flow so easily, I stopped panting and lost all fatigueness. I feel like I am 25 again. Every part and pain in my body has subsided. It's given me a true transformation on the inside and I see it on the outside. I've learnt that by cheating, I was lying to myself. I listened to my inner self and took the time to make the most of this final opportunity. I've tried everything I could get my hands on considering I am 50 years old now. This experience just lit up my being and I feel like running the marathon. I hate gymning but I danced after taking the course. If you want to know if this product works, contact me and I will show you my results personally.

A Strydom
You will never need another weight loss product again

I feel positive about myself and WeTransform. It really works, there's no 2 ways about it. I ordered the 10 day course to try it out and then ordered the 30 day course because it worked for me. I feel myself again and after the 30 days I don't believe there's any reason for me to purchase any any any other course except for the 10 day course now and then to help me retain my body weight. I don't regret purchasing this product for 1 minute and I recommend it to anybody. Thank you for caring and thank you for supporting me it was really inspirational. You're really a great great person who helped me after searching for so long. Thank you again.

Ms K Pillay
Lost my 1st Kg in 2 days! Thank you!

Thank you so much for the help. Before WE Transform I was on a super strict diet. No carbs, no sugar, only salads and I was gyming from Monday to Fridays for 2 hours straight and it took me 4 months to lose 3-4kgs only. I was getting really frustrated because I was barely seeing results. After I started using the Premium Kit injections it was only the second day that I saw I already dropped 1kg. And after seeing that it just motivated me to work harder. Today (27/04/2021) is the 9th day of using the serum and I've lost 4kgs!!! Basically it took me 4 months to lose 4kgs previously BUT with Wellbeing Evolution I did that within 9 days. I just couldn't be more happier, so Thank You once again.

6kg in 10 days

I am very pleased with the results achieved from taking the product. I train 7 days a week and needed to shred and after taking the 10 day package i have reduced body mass by 6kg. I am very excited and comfortably can recommend anybody to use this. Guaranteed result. Also from the time of purchase to delivery was exemplary.